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How to Position Bathroom Vanity Lighting

It's in the name isn't it? Bathroom vanity lighting is all about being vain! In order to look your best you need to see yourself in the best lighting. This doesn't mean one dimly lit bulb hanging above your head- a single directed light is for task lighting, like a work space or reading area. A bathroom on the other hand needs ambient lighting. Whether a strip of lights or single bulb lighting spaced around the room, you need to choose bathroom vanity lighting fixtures depending on the total room arrangement.

Single Bulb Vanity Lighting
One bulb vanity lighting can create a modern look while not overpowering a small room with limited wall space. In this case you may find that single bulb bathroom vanity lighting will highlight and enhance the overall look of the room. When you're working with small spaces a single mounted light will not take up much room. A modern single bathroom vanity lighting mounted on opposing walls can fill out a small bathroom. But, if you already have one over head or ceiling lighting, a single light will accentuate the light already there.

Lighting Strips
The ideal bathroom lighting arrangement is to surround your mirror with lights. This can be achieved by using a vanity lighting strip with multiple lights. This three light bathroom vanity lighting strip could be placed on all four sides of a vanity mirror to create an even light. The vanity lighting below reduces the harsh overhead shadows, while the side lights will fill in the rest of the shadows. You can place lighting on or around your mirror. A six light bathroom vanity lighting strip placed above the mirror can hang slightly over the mirror this bounces light softly off the mirror and onto your face.

When you are mounting the lights, think with your forehead! Lights should be at about forehead height of the tallest member of the household. While ceiling lights will light up a large room they also create sharp shadows. Placing bathroom vanity lighting low, at forehead height, will reduce shadows on your face. You can minimize shadows around the entire room with medium height vanity lighting on each wall.

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