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"Art is the only way to run away without leaving home" -- Twyla Tharp
Swan panel i art - U32056
Swan panel ii art - U32057
Climbing vine panels s/3 art - U32156
Elegant swirl panels s/3 art - U32169
Fresh floral bouquet art - U32193
Fun time florals s/4 art - U32207
Perched at the top i ii s/2 art - U32208
Swirled blocks s/2 art - U32210
Miss mary art - U32213
Yellow reflections art - U32217
It's a small world art - U32219
Rippled group art - U32225
Dragon fly study i ii iii iv s/4 art - U32500
Loyal companion i ii s/2 art - U32501
Hens & roosters s/4 art - U32504
Study of birds i ii iii iv v vi s/6 art - U32505
Climbing vines & florals i ii s/2 art - U32506
Shining bright i ii iii iv v vi s/6 art - U32507
Fruit botanicals i ii iii iv s/4 art - U32509
Casual grey study i ii iii iv s/4 art - U32510
Historical view i ii iii iv s/4 art - U32511
Paris scene i ii iii iv v vi - s/6 art - U33430
Floral bunda art - U33439
Flower of the month s/12 art - U33493
Traditional botanicals- s/4 art - U33495
Outdoor fruit panels set/2 art - U34015
Outdoor mediterranean blocks art - U34017
Outdoor abstract shapes s/2 art - U34019
Metal architectural views s/4 art - U34020
Woven dreams art - U34203
Sterling trio s/3 art - U34204
The city life art - U34208
Route 5 s/4 art - U34210
Red door panels s/2 art - U35002
Etched circles i ii s/2 art - U35220
Peaceful branches i ii s/2 art - U35222
Damask relief blocks s/4 art - U35223
Red & gold relief iii s/2 art - U35226
Arc de triomphe champs elysees s/3 art - U40916
Eiffel tower carte postale s/3 art - U40917
Eiffel tower iron works s/3 art - U40918
Eiffel tower panoramic s/3 art - U40919
Venice grand canal s/3 art - U40920
Tranquil forest i ii s/2 art - U41136
Wheat grass i ii iii iv v vi - s/6 art - U41151
Colorful birds on branch i ii -s/2 art - U41161
Oxygen flower & scribble s/2 art - U41181
Insect collection s/9 art - U41198
French tulip & gladiola set/2 art - U41227
Solitude i ii s/2 art - U41236
Essential i ii s/2 art - U41237
Repose & field of dreams i ii s/2 art - U41239
Poppy damask i ii s/2 art - U41240
Colorful cats art - U41242
Summer chorus i ii s/2 art - U41243
Misty florals s/2 art - U41249
Vibrant day s/2 art - U41250
Coral florals i ii iii iv s/4 art - U41254
Blue & lilac i ii iii iv s/4 art - U41256
Orange florals i ii iii iv v vi s/6 art - U41258
Stillwaters i art - U41261
Feathered friends i ii s/2 art - U41265
Scenes from prague i ii iii iv s/4 art - U41267
Moss grove i ii s/2 art - U41269
Spa ginko i ii s/2 art - U41278
Patterned apple & pear s/2 art - U41279
Hatbox freesia & tulips s/2 art - U41280
Vintage chic i ii s/2 art - U41283
Orange flower study i ii iii iv v vi s/6 art - U41285
Jazz club trio s/3 art - U41290
Toucan i ii s/2 art - U41293
Fish study i ii s/2 art - U41294
Historical buildings i ii iii iv s/4 art - U41295
Pale pink i ii iii iv s/4 art - U41296
Purple regal i ii iii iv v vi s/6 art - U41297
Click click s/4 art - U41302
Paris blossom i ii iii iv s/4 art - U41303
Beach bath i ii s/2 art - U41304
Francais fleur i ii s/2 art - U41307
Good dog i ii iii iv s/4 art - U41308
Nature's best i ii s/2 art - U41309
The edge art - U41312
Farm living i ii s/2 art - U41314
Pair of birds i ii iii iv s/4 art - U41315
Rhododendron & tulip tree s/2 art - U41316
Stillwaters i ii s/2 art - U41317
All about grapes i ii s/2 art - U41322
Blue lotus flower i ii s/2 art - U41325
It's 5 pm i ii s/2 art - U41327
Purple fluorish art - U41329
El morro art - U41330
Navigation i ii s/2 art - U41333
Look into my eyes i ii iii iv s/4 art - U41334
Shore birds i ii s/2 art - U41335
Rose wishes art - U41800
The red ladies art - U41804
Compass set s/2 art - U41806
Containers i ii s/2 art - U41807
Grey story i ii s/2 art - U41808
Nude hand painted oil -s/ 2 art - U50407
Wine collage art - U50544
Rojo botanicals i art - U50694
Triple play s/3 art - U50735
Le rooster s/2 art - U50763
Rain prism s/4 art - U50788
Hanging wine art - U50791
Sunlight reflections s/3 art - U50872
Ny nightlife art - U50886
New leaf panel i ii s/6 art - U50890
Ebony bath i ii s/2 art - U50906
Lotus i ii iii s/3 art - U50946
Le chateau art - U50964
Golf collage art - U50966
Lunar phases art - U50969
Festive fruits iiiiiiiv s/4 art - U50981
Fruit slices iiiiiiiv s/4 art - U50983
Leaf collage i ii s/2 art - U50990
Peeling paint i ii s/2 art - U50991
Iris panel i ii iii s/3 art - U50994
Vibrant floral square i ii iii iv s/4 art - U51011
Horizon view panel i ii iii s/3 art - U51012
Climbing neutral floral art - U51014
Fresh color square iiiiiiiv s/4 art - U51042
Plump blueberries & fresh strawberries s/2 art - U51043
Wispy branched i ii s/2 art - U51049
Layered floral i ii s/2 art - U51050
Vino i ii s/2 art - U51052
From the chateau i ii s/2 art - U51053
Ornamentational block i ii s/2 art - U51054
Natural & organic eggs i ii s/2 art - U51056
Northeast i ii s/2 art - U51057
Coffee brew i ii. s/2 art - U51058
A little message art - U51059
Silver leaves s/2 metal wall art - U04001
Metal ferns s/2 metal wall art - U04005
Golovin squares s/4 metal wall art - U04008
Mikilana s/2 metal wall art - U07583
Silver flowers s/3 metal wall art - U08503
Silver leaves s/2 metal wall art - U10053
Lotus leaves s/4 metal wall art - U10054
Abstract blossum s/2 metal wall art - U10057
Dried foliage s/2 metal wall art - U10058
Farm animal plaques s/2 metal wall art - U10106
Leaf crosses s/2 metal wall art - U12775
Cristy petite metal wall art - U13205
Miki collage s/6 metal wall art - U13309
Twisting flowers s/2 metal wall art - U13311
Fayola metal wall art - U13318
Concaved squares s/6 metal wall art - U13320
Klum collage s/6 metal wall art - U13355
Lacole s/2 metal wall art - U13387
Novia mwa s/2 metal wall art - U13406
Micayla panels s/2 metal wall art - U13475
Micayla large metal wall art - U13476
Golden gazanias s/3 metal wall art - U13479
American flag metal wall art - U13480
Four leaves plaque metal wall art - U13530
Lucho hanging photo collage metal wall art - U13541
Three pears metal wall art - U13580
Alexia panels s/2 metal wall art - U13643
Rustic tree photo collage metal wall art - U13722
Gallicano hanging photo collage metal wall art - U13727
Metal flowers s/4 metal wall art - U13731
Decorative leaves s/2 metal wall art - U13732
Chiavari s/4 metal wall art - U13733
Jazz time metal wall art - U13734
Bird cage chalkboard metal wall art - U13757
Vintage floral plaque metal wall art - U13775
Josiah square metal wall art - U13777
Wilmont arch metal wall art - U13789
Massena photo collage s/7 metal wall art - U14458
Newark photo collage s/7 metal wall art - U14459
Medina photo collage s/3 metal wall art - U14460
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