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Home Decor Accessories

Teak small bowl accessory - U17004
Sammy candleholder accessory - U17059
Frogs s/8 accessory - U17071
The band statues s/7 accessory - U17073
Music trio statues s/3 accessory - U17074
Chicken with eggs s/2 accessory - U17077
Circle fish s/2 accessory - U17078
Lying lotus candleholder accessory - U17079
Lotus candleholder s/2 accessory - U17080
Paza photo frames s/2 accessory - U18500
Fidda photo frames s/2 accessory - U18501
Nanala photo frames s/2 accessory - U18502
Hanae photo frames s/3 accessory - U18503
Botan photo frames s/4 accessory - U18507
Birch bark photo frames s/3 accessory - U18510
Love photo frames s/3 accessory - U18512
Laugh photo frames s/3 accessory - U18513
Bracken photo frames s/3 accessory - U18514
Camber photo frames s/4 accessory - U18516
Damir photo frames s/3 accessory - U18517
Dason photo frames s/3 accessory - U18518
Hasana photo frames s/3 accessory - U18519
Kitra photo frames s/4 accessory - U18520
Hali photo frames s/4 accessory - U18521
Radnor photo frames s/3 accessory - U18522
Maulana red photo frames s/3 accessory - U18523
Maulana photo frames s/3 accessory - U18524
Dekel photo frames s/3 accessory - U18525
Mael photo frames s/3 accessory - U18527
Bird house photo frames s/2 accessory - U18528
Ralston photo frames s/3 accessory - U18529
Raw horn photo frames s/3 accessory - U18530
Carnelia photo frames s/3 accessory - U18531
Polished horn photo frames s/3 accessory - U18532
Dyer photo frames s/3 accessory - U18533
Wilda photo frames s/4 accessory - U18534
Pazi photo frames s/3 accessory - U18535
Fedha photo frames s/4 accessory - U18536
Kalidas photo frames s/3 accessory - U18537
Aruna photo frames s/3 accessory - U18538
Reece photo frames s/3 accessory - U18539
Koda photo frames s/3 accessory - U18540
Jannik hurricane candleholder accessory - U19000
Aubriana box accessory - U19022
Alanna finials set/2 accessory - U19025
Alanna trays set/2 accessory - U19026
Kamin canisters set/3 accessory - U19039
Colorful cows accessories set/3 accessory - U19058
Musicians accessories s/3 accessory - U19061
Geometric giraffes accessories s/2 accessory - U19067
Resting dog statue accessory - U19070
Urmi magazine rack accessory - U19077
Suzuha finial accessory - U19080
Fumiyo boxes s/2 accessory - U19086
Tamsin birds set/2 accessory - U19099
Ronin candleholders s/2 accessory - U19100
Cena canisters s/2 accessory - U19134
Kaho jugs set/3 accessory - U19139
Kaho perfume bottles set/3 accessory - U19141
Chandell candleholder accessory - U19143
Coby candleholders set/2 accessory - U19144
Deshal canisters set/2 accessory - U19145
Gilli containers set/2 accessory - U19148
Joselyn candle wall sconce accessory - U19150
Paza tray accessory - U19159
Colorful flowers canisters s/2 accessory - U19166
Pears in basket s/5 accessory - U19170
Dice boxes s/2 accessory - U19189
Crest bottles set/3 accessory - U19203
Stag horn candleholder s/2 accessory - U19204
Prancing horse sculpture accessory - U19217
Gia candleholders s/2 accessory - U19218
Sini finials set/2 accessory - U19231
Suzuha large finial accessory - U19235
Minya vases set/2 accessory - U19237
Minya trays set/2 accessory - U19238
Tatia vases set/2 accessory - U19239
Layla candleholder accessory - U19243
Sheep accessories set/4 accessory - U19247
Chakra bookends set/2 accessory - U19251
Gracelyn finials s/2 accessory - U19267
Hoops statues s/3 accessory - U19272
Tackle statue accessory - U19274
Ballroom dancers statue accessory - U19279
Music notes s/3 accessory - U19280
Jarek candleholders s/2 accessory - U19284
Spring flowers sculpture s/3 accessory - U19285
Kimie photo frames s/3 accessory - U19286
Rickma candleholder accessory - U19290
Painted elephants statues set/2 accessory - U19292
Mother & child statues s/2 accessory - U19293
Abu urns set/2 accessory - U19297
Chocolaterie boxes s/2 accessory - U19300
Toulon urns s/2 accessory - U19305
Rayner candleholders set/2 accessory - U19307
Alanna box accessory - U19308
Joselyn candleholders s/2 accessory - U19310
Joselyn small wall sconces s/2 accessory - U19311
Mela tall vase accessory - U19317
Mela vase accessory - U19318
Scotty boxes s/2 accessory - U19319
Melani boxes s/2 accessory - U19320
Kameko spheres set/3 accessory - U19321
Kameko canisters set/3 accessory - U19322
Kameko hurricane candleholder accessory - U19323
Kameko wall sconces s/2 accessory - U19324
Ochroid small canisters s/3 accessory - U19326
Patchwork boxes s/2 accessory - U19328
Serka urn accessory - U19331
Chateau containers s/2 accessory - U19332
Chateau candleholders s/3 accessory - U19333
Serka finials s/3 accessory - U19334
Jedda fish s/2 accessory - U19335
Gauri fish s/2 accessory - U19336
Serka vases s/2 accessory - U19338
Colorful elephants s/2 accessory - U19339
Family connections sculpture accessory - U19340
Schley antelope accessory - U19343
Buck statues s/2 accessory - U19344
Perching birds sculpture s/2 accessory - U19345
Horse head sculpture accessory - U19346
Farasi horse statue accessory - U19347
Nola floor planter accessory - U19349
Nola wall planter accessory - U19350
Linked candleholders s/3 accessory - U19353
Chiavari boxes s/2 accessory - U19354
Taiki large finials s/2 accessory - U19355
Eurig candleholders s/2 accessory - U19358
Dakila elephants statues s/2 accessory - U19359
Florus boxes and tray s/4 accessory - U19363
Hana candleholders s/2 accessory - U19364
Visconti candleholders s/2 accessory - U19365
Yoga bookend s/2 accessory - U19366
Arig candleholder accessory - U19368
Albus magnifying glass accessory - U19370
Elgan sculpture accessory - U19375
Mirata tray accessory - U19376
Patala planters s/2 accessory - U19377
Dulais planters s/2 accessory - U19380
Slate fountain candleholder accessory - U19383
Marwa candleholders s/2 accessory - U19386
Devaki candleholders s/3 accessory - U19389
Revolution canisters s/2 accessory - U19390
Neela decorative bottle accessory - U19391
Duff candleholders s/3 accessory - U19392
Duff bowl accessory - U19393
Kara fish sculpture accessory - U19394
Capiz box accessory - U19396
Shachor bowls s/3 accessory - U19398
Ronan planter accessory - U19404
Standing elephants sculpture s/2 accessory - U19408
Music circle s/6 accessory - U19409
Three chickens sculpture s/3 accessory - U19410
Etched fish sculpture s/2 accessory - U19412
Rickma silver candleholder accessory - U19413
Paloma candelabra accessory - U19415
Parmenia candelabra accessory - U19416
Winola candleholders s/2 accessory - U19417
Nera boxes s/3 accessory - U19418
Nariko planters s/2 accessory - U19419
Rama fireplace screen accessory - U19420
Loop-d-loop candleholders s/2 accessory - U19421
Kefton candleholders s/2 accessory - U19423
Slate pet bowl accessory - U19427
Winola boxes s/3 accessory - U19428
Hani pitchers s/2 accessory - U19429
Hasina vases s/2 accessory - U19430
Carita vases s/2 accessory - U19431
Zeno candleholders s/2 accessory - U19432
Tomi candleholder accessory - U19433
Gavet candleholders s/2 accessory - U19434
Scroll wall hurricane accessory - U19435
Dancing egrets accessory - U19436
Cleft wall hurricane accessory - U19437
Scroll candleholder accessory - U19438
Family circles accessory - U19439
Ciro candleholders s/2 accessory - U19444
At play sculpture accessory - U19445
Summer days sculpture accessory - U19446
Wild horses sculpture accessory - U19452
Zara vase accessory - U19454
Maltese candelabra accessory - U19457
Entwined candleholder accessory - U19458
Joie de vie sculpture accessory - U19460
Elephant monkey swing accessory - U19461
Chelsea wall hurricane accessory - U19463
Good luck bookends s/2 accessory - U19468
Etro tray accessory - U19472
Playful pachyderms accessory - U19473
Monkey bookends s/2 accessory - U19474
Rococo hurricane candleholder accessory - U19475
Garvin twist sconce with candle accessory - U19476
Oval cambria jar accessory - U19479
Entwined bowl accessory - U19484
Freedom rider accessory - U19488
Crystal palace centerpiece accessory - U19490
Welcome home accessory - U19492
Merida bowl accessory - U19493
Camillus tray accessory - U19494
Josiah boxes s/2 accessory - U19495
Coastal creatures sculptures s/2 accessory - U19497
Music duo sculptures s/2 accessory - U19498
Dahy statues s/2 accessory - U19502
Irish elk sculpture accessory - U19503
Raisa containers s/2 accessory - U19504
Rami containers s/2 accessory - U19505
Eilam containers s/2 accessory - U19506
Efron containers s/2 accessory - U19507
Gauri containers s/2 accessory - U19508
Jedda containers s/2 accessory - U19509
Serka sculptures s/2 accessory - U19510
Country chickens statues s/2 accessory - U19511
Ralston planters s/2 accessory - U19513
Rafi trays s/2 accessory - U19514
Fleur de lis candleholder accessory - U19515
Contemporary curl vase accessory - U19516
Nesting swans sculpture s/2 accessory - U19518
Tosco candleholders s/3 accessory - U19520
Penguins accessory - U19521
Flock of flamingoes accessory - U19522
Rami vases s/2 accessory - U19524
Raya containers s/2 accessory - U19525
Large golfers statues s/2 accessory - U19526
Radcliff pet bowl accessory - U19527
Priya sculpture s/2 accessory - U19530
Perla vases s/2 accessory - U19531
Cheetah planter accessory - U19534
Sidony trunks s/3 accessory - U19535
Falon candleholder accessory - U19536
Sea creatures sculpture s/2 accessory - U19537
Kavon candleholders s/2 accessory - U19538
Teneh bowl accessory - U19539
Love letters accessories s/4 accessory - U19540
Fleur de lis bookends s/2 accessory - U19542
Brunella magazine holder accessory - U19543
Rishi candleholders s/2 accessory - U19544
Trory box accessory - U19545
Fatimaurns s/2 accessory - U19546
Freya containers s/2 accessory - U19547
Serka sculpture s/3 accessory - U19548
Deniz fish s/2 accessory - U19550
Deniz candleholders s/2 accessory - U19551
Freya vases s/2 accessory - U19552
Conch shell sculpture s/2 accessory - U19556
Starfish bowls with spheres s/5 accessory - U19557
Dhaval vase accessory - U19558
Wrapped mummies sculpture s/2 accessory - U19559
Sorel small candleholders s/2 accessory - U19560
Sorel candleholder accessory - U19562
Lamya finials s/3 accessory - U19563
Sorel double wall sconce accessory - U19564
Trory floor candleholder accessory - U19565
Keanu heron sculpture accessory - U19566
Keanu bowl accessory - U19567
Porano box accessory - U19568
Lamya candelabra accessory - U19569
Angels sculpture s/2 accessory - U19570
Twisted iron fish sculpture s/2 accessory - U19571
Spring birds sculpture s/2 accessory - U19573
Kelton box accessory - U19574
Kelton wine holder accessory - U19575
Kelton horse head sculpture accessory - U19576
Kelton birds sculpture. s/3 accessory - U19577
Rico sculpture accessory - U19578
Kelton globe accessory - U19579
Kelton candleholders s/3 accessory - U19581
Hazuki sculpture s/2 accessory - U19583
Sailboat accessory accessory - U19585
Woven vines sculpture s/2 accessory - U19586
Stedman horse sculpture accessory - U19587
Radford wine rack accessory - U19588
Book bookends s/2 accessory - U19589
Kira boxes s/2 accessory - U19591
Gomati photo frames s/3 accessory - U19593
Porano candleholder accessory - U19594
Jaida bottles s/2 accessory - U19595
Lounging reader bookends s/2 accessory - U19596
Alanna candleholders s/2 accessory - U19597
Shahla urns s/2 accessory - U19598
Reece candleholders s/2 accessory - U19599
Hazelle bottles s/2 accessory - U19605
Hachi bowl accessory - U19606
Glafira bowl accessory - U19607
Huali wine holder accessory - U19608
Colts sculpture accessory - U19609
Legato candelabra accessory - U20225
Gavivi bowls set/2 accessory - U20242
Niki table candelabra accessory - U20249
Daymeion fireplace screen accessory - U20278
Novel boxes s/3 accessory - U20281
Hera sculpture accessory - U20309
Rosina candlesticks s/3 accessory - U20312
Daymeion fireplace tools s/5 accessory - U20338
Terra cotta pears s/3 accessory - U20358
Ochroid canisters set/2 accessory - U20364
Tellus canisters set/2 accessory - U20367
Hobnail boxes s/3 accessory - U20394
Kefira box accessory - U20413
Julieta bookends set/2 accessory - U20445
Preston boxes and tray set/4 accessory - U20462
Mirror image bookends set/2 accessory - U20482
Kalika candleholders set/3 accessory - U20489
Helping hand bookends set/2 accessory - U20494
Juno small accessory - U20501
Egan fireplace screen accessory - U20508
Jerrica fireplace screen accessory - U20536
Rhona box accessory - U20593
Fedora candleholder accessory - U20605
Justus trays s/3 accessory - U20610
Mora shelves s/2 accessory - U20613
Justus plant stands s/2 accessory - U20618
Keir plant stands s/3 accessory - U20641
Two men and a boat accessory accessory - U20711
Hanley trays s/3 accessory - U20717
Jericho box accessory - U20718
Sherpa boxes s/2 accessory - U20800
Juliana candelabra accessory - U20808
Natalia candleholders s/2 accessory - U20924
Big rusty statue accessory - U20942
Effie fireplace screen accessory - U20960
Privas wall sconces s/2 accessory - U20987
Diez globe accessory - U20991
Accessory Chain with Burnished Granite finish by Kichler Lighting
Accessory Chain by Kichler Lighting
Accessory Stem with Burnished Bronze finish by Kichler Lighting
Accessory Stem by Kichler Lighting
Finial Kit with Olde Bronze finish by Kichler Lighting
Antique Light Bulb Incandescen with Clear finish by Kichler Lighting
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