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Kichler Lighting-65054-Inverted Pendent
Kichler Lighting-65069-Pendant
Kichler Lighting-65134-Foyer Chain Hung
Kichler Lighting-65144-Foyer Chain Hung
Kichler Lighting-65157-Foyer Chain Hung
Kichler Lighting-65163-Inverted Pendent
Kichler Lighting-65168-Pendant
Kichler Lighting-65170-Pendant
Kichler Lighting-65174-Inverted Pendent
Kichler Lighting-65186-Inverted Pendent
Kichler Lighting-65187-Inverted Pendent
Kichler Lighting-65188-Inverted Pendent
Kichler Lighting-65212-Inverted Pendent
Kichler Lighting-65216-Mini Pendant
Kichler Lighting-65217-Inverted Pendent
Kichler Lighting-65238-Inverted Pendent
Kichler Lighting-65239-Pendant
Kichler Lighting-65268-Pool Table/Island Light
Kichler Lighting-65269-Inverted Pendent
Kichler Lighting-65273-Pendant
Kichler Lighting-65287-Pendant
Kichler Lighting-65289-Foyer Chain Hung
Kichler Lighting-65290-Inverted Pendent
Kichler Lighting-65294-Inverted Pendent
Kichler Lighting-65295-Inverted Pendent
Kichler Lighting-65300-Foyer Chain Hung
Kichler Lighting-65307-Inverted Pendent
Kichler Lighting-65310-Semi-Flush
Kichler Lighting-65313-Pendant
Kichler Lighting-65316-Inverted Pendent
Kichler Lighting-65317-Semi-Flush
Kichler Lighting-65319-Inverted Pendent
Kichler Lighting-65322-Inverted Pendent
Kichler Lighting-65325-Inverted Pendent
Kichler Lighting-66007-Chandeliers
Kichler Lighting-66044-Chandeliers
Kichler Lighting-66045-Chandeliers
Kichler Lighting-66046-Chandeliers
Kichler Lighting-66048-Chandeliers
Kichler Lighting-66049-Chandeliers
Kichler Lighting-66050-Chandeliers
Kichler Lighting-66121-Chandeliers
Kichler Lighting-69010-Semi-Flush
Kichler Lighting-69013-Semi-Flush
Kichler Lighting-69017-Semi-Flush
Kichler Lighting-69038-Semi-Flush
Kichler Lighting-69041-Semi-Flush
Kichler Lighting-69088-Rail Light
Kichler Lighting-69089-Rail Light
Kichler Lighting-69090-Rail Light
Kichler Lighting-69091-Rail Light
Kichler Lighting-69125-Semi-Flush
Kichler Lighting-65215-Semi-Flush
Kichler Lighting-65218-Semi-Flush
Kichler Lighting-65291-Semi-Flush
Kichler Lighting-65293-Semi-Flush
Kichler Lighting-65323-Semi-Flush
Kichler Lighting-65350-Semi-Flush
Kichler Lighting-69030-Semi-Flush
Kichler Lighting-69045-Semi-Flush
Kichler Lighting-69046-Semi-Flush
Kichler Lighting-69048-Semi-Flush
Kichler Lighting-69050-Semi-Flush
Kichler Lighting-69085-Semi-Flush
Kichler Lighting-65352-Inverted Pendent
Kichler Lighting-65303-Chandeliers
Kichler Lighting-65308-Chandeliers
Semi-Flush Four Light by Kichler Lighting
Semi-Flush Three Light by Kichler Lighting
Tiffany lights can instantly add glamour and luxury to any room. Just their presence conjures up images of stately parties, decadent galas, and timeless beauty that still live on today. If youíre looking to install light fixtures into a favorite space and want to channel that stunning elegance, let Light World help with our selection of Tiffany ceiling pendant lights by Kichler.

Kichler Art Glass Tiffany lights are a must-have decorative element in any room of your home. Featuring intricate metal work, vibrant colors, and a design thatís purely one-of-a-kind, Kichler Art Glass ceiling lights make the room feel special; kind of like youíre taking a step back into a time where beauty was everlasting.

Shop our selection of Kichler Art Glass to find ceiling pendant lights, chandeliers, and flush mount fixtures that were created with the Tiffany style in mind. We know youíll instantly fall in love with the classic look and luxurious feel.
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